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Dating Asian Girls and Guys

A good number of travelers are known to be of the ‘Asian Persuasion’ and choose to live in places like Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Thailand less for the Buddhism, the food or the culture but for Asian girls.

Asian guys don’t seem to make quite such a splash among female travelers, possibly because they’re often a good deal shorter but more likely because Asian cultures are often quite chauvanistic and not many Western women are willing to play a subservient role.

For Western guys, however, dating an Asian girlfriend who’s prepared to cook and clean without an argument is like entering heaven. And while Asian women are often quite similar in looks with straight black hair and doll-like faces, there’s often a petite, demure grace missing from the masculinized women of the West.

Some would of course say that the longing for Asian girls shows a fear of women and that travelers who come looking for romance in the East just can’t take a real relationship. Love tends to be a good deal more materialistic in places like Thailand or Vietnam and your bad personality or breath problem is often overlooked if you have enough money saved up.

It’s complicated. At Road Junky we think that everyone ends up paying the price in relationships sooner or later and there are no real easy ways out. You’re either of the Asian Persuasion or you’re not.

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