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Forget Tsunamis – the Internet’s Down!

14 countries without internet!

Internet and travel are becoming inseparable for many these days. Travelers buy tickets online, reserve hostels, check the weather and of course, log on for the latest scintillating editorial from Road Junky…

But on Friday the 19th internet cables under the Mediterranean were severed, one at least by a ship’s anchor and 14 countries have suffered major disruption to their internet access. Egypt and the Maldives have been almost entirely without net access and even India suffered 82% disruption. Think of all the call centers and freelancers working on computer coding for Western companies…

These days many of us keep all our contacts in Gmail or in our Skype phone book. Our banking may be online and without an ever-increasing number of passwords, we might find ourselves effectively locked out of our own lives. What would happen if we got fever or a bump on the head and couldn’t remember what answer we’d given to the test questions.

Who was your childhood hero? What school did you go to?

Imagine if the internet were to go down in somewhere like London or Seattle… people might tap their Iphones, look up from their office computer screens and laptops in cafes and… maybe start talking to one another.

Either that or there would be mass riots…

What do we want? Internet porn.

When do we want it? At the click of a mouse!