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Turks Can’t Watch Youtube

Geez, would Americans get so upset about a video of a gay strip with Lincoln’s face superimposed?

As everyone knows, Turkey would like to join the EU.

Thing is, along with torture and repression of minority groups it’s also considered pretty European to have a sense of humour, even if Croatians still battle with the concept.

So when Turkish authorities decided to block access to Youtube this year they didn’t exactly help their cause. Not content with Google agreeing to remove videos that might tarnish the reputation of the glorious founder of the nation, Ataturk, Turkish judges demanded they be removed worldwide.

Obviously Google didn’t agree and now late night lapdance video watching on Youtube is no longer an option for Turkish men and the country is getting hysterical.

At Road Junky we tend to agree with Doctor Johnson (please don’t say who? Alright, follow the link) that:

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

But in many countries around the world a bit of satire can win you a death sentence. Remember The Satanic Verses?

Anyway in the name of satire, even if it’s a bit silly, here’s one of the Youtube videos posted by an angry Turk making fun of good old Ataturk. Hey, maybe we’ll get banned too…