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The Story of Stuff – World Over-Consumption

Probably the best presentation you’ve seen about where our world went wrong.

The Story of Stuff is a lucid, hard-hitting take on the trap of modern economics and how we are literally consuming our planet that even someone who voted for Bush will get.

Trust us – watch the video:

Yes, when you read the suggestions on how to save the planet that follow, you read the usual dreary recommendations to drive less, recycle and consume less but it’s still a great documentary that is worth 20 minutes of anyone’s life.

It also helps Americans understand why the rest of the world (the poor parts of the world, anyway) are so pissed at the US. It’s the rest of the world that pay for the overconsumption of rich countries.

The Story of Stuff is presented with gusto and verve by Annie Leonard who doesn’t let the tempo drop for a moment. She hits her peak when noting that after 9/11 George Bush could have suggested any number of responses such as to pray, grieve or hope – instead Americans were invited to shop.

Check out the Story of Stuff for more.