On the Road

Free Hugs for the World

Just in case you think Road Junky is a bit too cynical at times, deep down we’re bright-eyed hippies and support free hugs for everyone…

Can one person really change the world?

Sure, by changing the world of everyone around them, a little at a time. I knew, for instance, one sadhu who lived in the desert of Gujurat – everyday when he went to the toilet he dug a hole in the ground and planted a tree at the same time. In 40 years he had created a forest…

And now one Australian man started the Free Hugs Campaign. Feeling a bit depressed and lonely, Juan Mann went out into the street in Sydney with a placard and started offering free hugs to everyone he met. The idea was picked up by the cult band The Sick Puppies (a winner of the coolest name for a band of the 21st century) and since then people all around the world have started going out there to offer their embrace to all-comers.

So the next time you’ve seen all the sights and your train doesn’t leave until the next day, grab a sign, open up your arms and go hug the world.