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November Rainbow Gathering in the Canary Islands

Freezing your ass off in Europe? Want one last blast of summer loving? Get down to La Palma.

We know – you’re not hippies.

The idea of sitting around on a beach with people from all around the world, making music around camp fires and making love in the moonlight probably has no appeal.

But just in case here’s the directions to a Rainbow in the Canary island of La Palma, far enough south to still be warm and it starts at the end of November. Here’s the text from the Rainbow folks.

Hi everybody! I want to invite you to the Islas Canarias gathering in La Palma. The dates are from new moon of November to the new moon of December. It will be done in the same place where the last one.

How to arrive is so easy: From Santacruz de la Palma, once U arethere, take bus to Los Llanos de Aridane, at the station take bus to Garafía (North) and say to the bus driver you want to go to El Callejoncito, he will left you in the beggining of the road to go down to the beach, where the family will be in peaceful & beautiful Natural paradise… waiting for you.

I love you all