Bozo and the Storyteller – How to Save the World

Late at night, over a spliff and candlelight, travelers everywhere find themselves in deep conversations about how to save the planet – now there’s finally an answer.

Bozo and the Storyteller is a novel for anyone who never really grew up. Our world is nothing more than a Story, it seems and the Storyteller himself is dying – the book asks what hope there might be for a Cure?

And why is Road Junky running a story about a fantasy novel?

Because I wrote it and one of the bonuses of being the editor is I get to plug my side projects once in a while. So be a pal and buy a copy. Or go and check out the free audio book which you can stream or download.

It only costs $12 (6 quid or 8 Euros) and is probably the best book I’ve written to date. If you like the content on Road Junky you’ll probably like Bozo and the Storyteller and, you know, it keeps a roof over my head to write new content…

Learn what the book is about or just watch the video: