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It’s Official, North Korea is No Longer ‘Evil’

Now that Iraq is destroyed and North Korea is a friend again, that just leaves Iran…

This week the Bush administration, in all its wisdom, decided to remove North Korea from its Axis of Evil shit list. Iraq, the primary target on the list has largely been destroyed as a functioning country and Iran, home to perhaps the world’s kindest, most hospitable people, is waiting for the air strikes that are even money to come whatever the results of the election.

Ask Americans what threats face their country and while some will cite the crumbling economy and the destruction of ecosystems across the world, fear of terrorism is bound to be high on the list. A culture of fear has been engendered through yellow and red alerts issued periodically by the government and lapped up by the scaremongering media.

But whereas the common conception is that those bearded fanatics want to ‘destroy our way of life’, it might come as a surprise to many Americans to know that the US is regarded by most of the world as the biggest terrorist threat going. The US has the most extensive collection of weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations and one of the largest fanatic minorities to be seen anywhere. Not many North Koreans believe the world to be 6000 years old.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

1945 – The US committed the only aggressive use of atomic power in history against the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands.

1961-1971 – Use of chemical herbicides on the jungles of Vietnam and Laos. Napalm is one of the most horrific ways to die imaginable with a burning jelly stripping the skin from the body and enormous amounts were poured from planes to provide better ground visibilitty. Only you can prevent forests was the military motto at the time but bad news for anyone beneath.

Still in Vietnam, the notorious Agent Orange has destroyed the lives of Vietnamese civilians and US servicemen with immediate health effects on both sides and birth defects in hundreds of thousands of children.

And to get an idea of just how many times the US has with reason or without terrorized the rest of the world, check out this list of American military intervention.

This is just one of the reasons that American travelers get such a hard time around the world.