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Stumblers Love/Hate Road Junky and 101 Culture Shocks

Stumblers think Road Junky is full of shit. Come here and say that.

When we woke up this morning our hangovers evaporated in the moment that we saw that had sent us around 30,000 extra visitors over the weekend.


First of all they went crazy over an article about a cool hitchhiker called Ludovic Hubler which was all well and good.

But they really went apeshit about 101 Culture Shocks which sent more traffic than we see in a fortnight and also got over 30 reviews.

Many of these people weren’t too happy however. Here are some quotes:

Bigoted bullshit.

Lots and lots of lies. Anyone with a weak mind shouldn’t even read something like this because they won’t be able to separate fact from fiction.

Xenophobic, ethnocentric, and a couple other synonyms along those lines.

And our favourite:

Possibly the single most worthless site on the Internet. Fact: if it’s not true, it’s not a fact. Fact: judging by some of these reviews, some people should have their “allowed to use the Internet licence” revoked. Permanently. .

Thing is, just about everything in the article was true. Some of the facts came from personal experience which makes citation difficult and in any case we’re lazy.