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Israel Sells Sex to Boost Public Image

Last year Maxim published sexy photos of Israeli girls in military lingerie. The Israel government now continues with the strategy of taking diplomacy to the lowest common libido.

It seems even CNN was sold on the hype talking about the girls who are ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ and ‘militarily-trained’. Oh, they’ve got their finger on the American libido, alright.

Thing is, once you get outside of countries where obesity and cheap, processed foods are the norm, most countries have good-looking girls and guys. Israel’s beaches are full of luscious bodies in summer, it’s true. But most of them aren’t dressed up in military lingerie.

A gun isn’t sexy. It puts holes in people and causes them a great deal of pain or ends their life and causes grief for their families. Why do people even have to be reminded of that?

Check out the Daily Telegraph article on how Israel exploits sex for better PR. The video explains that Israel’s football team always loses as they’re distracted by the girls on the beach.

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