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Road Junky Letters – More on Drink and Drugs in the Phillipines

Reader fills us in on where to score weed in the Philippines, sources for magic mushrooms and where to get homemade hooch.

And we thought our readers were all innocent Gap Year kids ‘doing’ Asia.

Props to the great site man.

I’d just like to say, that being from the Philippines, marijuana is definitely everywhere, especially in the northern regions. Tourists just have to be careful that they don’t get suckered by local hustlers jacking up prices 7 times, only to find out that the tightly-wrapped package under layers and layers of tape is just dried fucking lettuce. This happens a lot in Boracay, where I know of a local who has screwed a lot of my buddies over as well as myself. Another, it pays to have locals as friends, because they can easily score some weed for somebody —- it’s a much safer route. You don’t want to be messing with the cops here who are corrupt as fuck. They’d milk a tourist for all he’s worth if they ever caught one….so be on the lookout. Oh yeah, what’s plentiful in the Visayas region are mushrooms. Even in a tourist-infested cesspool like Boracay. Finally, smuggling is done easier riding ships or buses rather than planes… although you could make brownies and no one will know the better.

The local hooch is amazing, which one can easily avail of by making friends with the locals. In the Ifugao region, the local rice wine (tapuy) is stellar. In the Ilocos region, a liquor known as basi is made out of sugarcane juice —- probably the best of the best. In the provinces, it can be had for a song.


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