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“Jakarta Should be on Worst 10 Cities List”

Singapore aint got nothing on Jakarta when it comes to shit holes, says empassioned reader..

When we’re too lazy to write any original content we let our readers do it for us…

Dear editor,

I enjoyed your article on the worst cities in the world a great deal, however, I think you’ve made a grave mistake…. you forgot to include JAKARTA Indonesia.

I noticed Singapore was on the list, but let me correct you, when I went to Singpore to pick up my work visa from Jakarta, I thought I’d been transported from the depths of a deep and murky hell to heavens gates. Fair enough Singapore is nasty, capitalist and generally ugly… but have you been to Jakarta? I’d have malls and McDonalds any day over groping beggars, humidity unbarable, a population that swells from 12-16 million daily and bumper to bumper traffic that makes anyone from the civilized world want to shoot either someone else or him/her self.

If you think you’ve found the worst cities, my advice is to come here for a week, and then update the article.

Thankfully, I’ll be flying out of this shit hole in 9 weeks, never to be back, after losing a year of my life. On a positive note, the women are generally very beautiful and approachable, but that’s a side note.

Cheers, Gav