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China Tortures Tai Chi Rebels – the Falun Gong Story

Why are the Olympic Games being held in a country that harvests the internal organs of people it tortures to death for practicing Tai Chi?

Most violent regimes concentrate their persecution against democratic protests, dissident students or armed rebels. Leave it to China to bring a surreal edge to institutional brutality and torture, however. The secret police currently have at the top of their shit list 70 million people who practice… tai chi.

Falung Gong was developed in 1992 with the intention of restoring values and ideals to the Qi Qong (the umbrella term for Chinese energy work) movement and spread like wildfire in a country hungry for change. By the time around 70 million people practiced the movements of Falun Gong in the park every morning and subscribed to insidious sentiments such as telling the truth, compassion for others and forgiveness, the Chinese government decided to take action. Falun Gong was declared to be an illegal movement and its practitioners were arrested and deported to prison camps.

Today at least half of the labour camps are made up of Falun Gong practitioners where tortures are committed on them by the Chinese regime to make them renounce their beliefs. If we told you what kind of tortures you wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

Belief is a pretty strong rooted thing, however so the Chinese regime took advantage of the Falung Gong practitioners they killed to extract and sell their internal organs. Who ever said the commies would be slow to embrace the market economy?

That a psychotic evil regime like China could be chosen to host the Olympics (never mind produce every other consumer product we buy) brings to mind the choice to honour Nazi Germany with the Games in 1936. But that was a much more naive world with limited access to information.

But we know what bastards run China and what misery they make of hundreds of millions of Chinese and Tibetan lives. And the Olympics are there anyway. Which only leaves the question: does anyone actually give a shit?

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