Travel Health

Health Map – Diseases and Destinations

Now the traveling hypochondriac can check out all the latest outbreaks of their favourite diseases and avoid the hot spots.

malaria map

A malaria map. Fancy a trip to Sub-Saharan Africa?

In an age where travelers research their destinations by internet rather than just going there, a new tool has come along to help us worry about what terrible diseases we’ll catch when we jump on the plane.

Health Map a tool used by public health workers is tied into Google News to keep track of the latest outbreaks of all your favourite diseases, bringing preemptive hypochondria to new levels.

Just imagine: you’re heading to Vietnam and you discover there’s been an anthrax outbreak – well, with the help of the wikipedia article on anthrax you could begin to manifest simples before the plane touches down, much less before you come into contact with an infected goat.

Or perhaps you have more refined tastes and would prefer to actually shape your travel plans around whichever disease happens to be in fashion at the moment?

No problem. Health Map lets you search by country or by disease and a heat map lets you know where the hot spots are.

Happy hypochondria.