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Make Money with Road Junky Events!

Fancy making some easy cash?

You just need:

– Facebook friends

– ten minutes or so

It works like this: you invite your friends to our events and we give you 10% commission if they book a place.
You just go to the event page on Facebook:

for the Sahara meditation and dance retreat


for the Sahara yoga and contact improvisation dance retreat

and hit the “Invite” button and “choose friends” – then invite as many friends as you want.

How do you know if one of your friends is coming?

Just check the list of people who say they’re coming on the event page and Facebook will tell you if you invited them. Then just ask them if they actually made a booking or just clicked for the fun of it. When they confirm that they’ve made a book just write to me and I’ll send you your commission.

10% commission on the Sahara retreats gets you 39.5 euros and we can send it you by Paypal. If you don’t have Paypal just sign up – it takes a few minutes only and the cash is with you in moments.

Good luck!

Tom Thumb