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Summer Travel – Don’t Worry Be Hippy

Summer time and the living can be so easy if you just put some flowers in your hair and make as much free love as you can…

Summertime and the living is easy, the hippies are high and so should you. School is out, the sun’s up and the smart traveler knows it’s time to leave Babylon behind and head for the nearest campfire with a bunch of hippies. Grab your guitar, a bag full of marijuana and head with the flow to the nearest Rainbow and let it all hang out.

If you have a job it’s time to quit. If you’re studying it’s time to drop out. If you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t want to hit the road in a VW van, dump them and go find yourself some free love. Really, our lives are passing us by and in the summer every traveler worth their salts knows that the mantra of the season is don’t worry, be hippy.

Whether it’s in the Rainbow Gatherings, the caves of Granada and Andalucia, the isolated nudist beaches of Crete and the islands of Croatia, the parks of Amsterdam or San Francisco, all the young and beautiful people of Europe hit the road looking to celebrate their youth. Sex, drugs and rock and roll, that is what they need.

For many of todays young travelers, the scope for adventure doesn’t go much beyond a Eurorail card and a commercial pop festival. Sanitized, programmed and insured, the quest for experience doesn’t go much beyond drinking too much in a hostel with other giggly Gap Year crowd, the hangover the next day blurring the screen of the internet cafe where they spend half their time away.

Youth passes in the blink of an eye and the sooner we realise our lives are in our own hands the sooner we get to realise that magic happens. All the time. Sleep on a beach somewhere and wake up with the dawn. Learn an instrument and make a fool of yourself on a street corner in a foreign city. Go knock on a farmer’s door someplace and refuse to go away until he gives you a job milking goats. Spend hours hitchhiking by the side of the road and get in the first car that stops for you, destination unknown.

Imagine you were to die in 3 months time. All your projects and plans and ambition would go up in smoke. So grow your hair, douse yourself in patchouli oil, get some herb and go live for the moment somewhere. It will never come again.

Where to find hippies

Rainbow Gatherings in 2008

Note that the actual sites are usually worked out at the last minute

Spain – June/July

Serbia – August (the big European one)

Italy/France – Mid August to Mid September in Liguria

Russia/Mongolia – July/August (just watch out for the marijuana fields where the owners are armed and will shoot thieving hippies on sight but there will be a total eclipse of the sun on August the 1st.

America – All the time!