Foxnomad – Travel Smarter with Anil Polat is the blog run by Anil Polat, a computer security engineer on a mission to visit every country in the world.


When Road Junky was founded back in 2004, Gmail was invite-only, Facebook was only rolling out to Harvard students, no one had heard of Skype and you couldn’t find a wifi connection almos anywhere on the road. While Road Junky has never been anti-technology it’s fair to say that the idea of plugged-in travel has always been a bit of a mystery to us.

But given that these days the vast majority of world travellers now do carry a laptop, tablet or smartphone, and an increasing number continue to socialise, network or even continue with their day jobs via internet connections, blogs like foXnoMad make a lot of sense. The kind of tech questions that come up for the traveller are best answered by someone who is also on the road all the time himself.

Take a recent post where Anil explains how to get around the time restrictions on free wifi in airports.

Whereas Road Junkies like us get a bit nervous when we have to do much more than open an internet browser, Anil takes you through the steps one at a time to sidestep the schemes of airports to get you to pay to go online and watch videos of cats. is a travel blog run with a strong techie slant with articles on the best laptops for travellers on the market, but Anil is a traveller, too and a humble, thoughtful one at that with a keen eye on what’s going on around him. Take this piece where he explains from first-hand knowledge what it’s like to be arrested by the Turkish police.

Anil lets us know that having a Western passport is no defence against intimidation and abuse and with moving humility relates:
‘Ten minutes after I was tied in plastic handcuffs, a police officer sprayed me point blank with pepper spray. Given what others endured that evening, I was very fortunate to not have suffered any major physical injury.’
Travel writing is too often a source of vainglorious antics and inaccurate opinion – neither can be said about

Anil Polat is also the author of The Ultimate Tech Guide for Travellers Version 2.0