Work Abroad – Another Dumb Travel Start-up Idea…

If any travellers out there are looking for a way to make money we just had a killer idea:

Here’s how it works: the customer comes to the site, enters in how much money they want to spend on their flight and their dates, and then you decide where they’re going!

We got the idea from looking at a package provider like¬†dialaflight¬†where you call up and get travel advice within five seconds and suggestions for what kind of holiday package you might go. You get your own travel manager, there’s a smartphone app and a 24/7 helpline available to you for help while you’re away.

But in our case rather than let the client choose whether they’re going to Thailand or Antigua, we might send them anywhere from Tijuana to Timbuktu. No help. No manager. No choice.

In this regulated, predictable filter-bubble age a Quite Random Holiday is the perfect remedy! They’ll either find themselves getting drunk in a small Scottish village somewhere or doing a mediation course in India. - "Is there a bar?" – “Is there a bar?”

Of course to start off the business idea you should try it yourself – give $500 to someone you don’t know particularly well (just choose one of those Facebook friends) and see where they send you… 2 weeks from now you’ll either be riding the back of a pick-up truck through the Hindu Kush or else asking the way to the beach in Albania.

We’d launch ourselves but…well, it’s just a bit too much effort…

but if you get rich doing it then we want our 10% finder’s fee for having the cool idea in the first place. That’s how it works with start-ups, apparently…