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Keep People Out of Your Hotel Room with the How Sar Quick Lock!

Some guy recently sent us the How Sar Quick Lock and a note reading: how’s our Quick Lock?. We decided to put it to the Road Junky review. This usually involves sending out teams of backpackers to each of the seven continents, all expenses paid, armed with precise testing instructions. Unfortunately, How Sar only sent us one. So we ended up giving it instead to an Aussie guy who got kicked out of his hostel for using the Quick Lock to not share his shared dorm. He fell asleep with it in place and didn’t wake up to the heavy knocks and shouting.

The lock is a simple idea – two pieces of plastic form a tight wedge into where the door connects to the wall to keep unwanted intruders out of the room. The paranoid traveler will never again lose sleep worrying about housekeeping. And no one will need to use a propped chair to lock an unlockable door again

At first glance this item seems to belong to the category of useless inventions. Since most hotel rooms come with locks, what good is it? But during a recent trip down the coast of Mexico, some ideas came to us. You can avoid the awkward mood-killing moment when your roommate walks in on your romantic encounter with that special someone you just met that night. Or, if you are really broke you can catch a quick nap uninterrupted for free in a public building with a quiet room, a door and a knob. And you could use it for extra peace of mind on doors with flimsy locks. Nothing is more embarrassing than someone walking in on you with a Thai lady boy.

The How Sar Quick Lock runs between 10 and 14 US dollars.