Road Junky Collaborative Travel Book Guide

4444228243_4dd70dc356What travel books have most inspired you and kept your feet moving while you wandered? What got you out the door in the first place? What became a companion on long train rides or lonely nights in strange towns around the world? What keeps you dreaming when you’re home?

We’re looking to make a guide of as many books as we can to share with everyone, and learn about some new ones ourselves! Please add yours here and include a description if you can, or just the reasons you liked it so much or where it found you in your travels. Don’t worry about duplicates, we want to hear your take on the book or what it meant to you.

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After spending many years wandering around the planet, David is at rest (momentarily) in the exotic rust-belt city of Syracuse, New York. He first connected with Road Junky back in 2008 when Tom reviewed a couple of his small travel books: and he had an amazing experience at the Road Junky Retreat in Bulgaria last year.