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Travel the World With a Spray Can – the Guerilla Artist

Travel the world with a spray can and the planet becomes your canvas. It’s also a perfect opportunity to subvert the subconscious of a race under bombardment from the traditional media…

Ok, so we got a bit excited at seeing all the videos on youtube of the guerilla artist, Banksy, spraying works of art onto the wall in Palestine and terrorising Disneyland with his Guantanamo Bay exhibit – we haven’t got an artist bone between us at Road Junky but some of you must do?

Everywhere you travel you see graffiti.

Most of it is not much above the level of street cats marking their territory by pissing against the wall, if the endless gang logos and artist signatures are anything to go by. But here or there you come across some wonderfully surreal comments on life, the world and the quirky nature of being.

Check out some of Banksy’s work, for example.

Become a Traveling Guerilla Artist

Graffiti is an anarchic way of taking back both the streets we live in and also a basic media. These days you can’t turn your head walking down the street before you see an ad trying to sell you something. Bus stops and billboards announce the latest Fiat model to choke the planet or sink a sexy Castro Jeans model deep into your subconscious.

With a spray can and a couple of cardboard templates made at home, you can spread your message to the world and reach thousands of people every day. In an age where everything has a price, there’s something beautifully subversive about art that’s just given away.

Don’t Get Caught

Naturally, the guerilla artist has to choose their spot carefully. Painting on private property probably isn’t the way to go as even if the police aren’t called on you, your masterpiece is unlikely to survive long. Best is to choose surfaces where there’s little upkeep and where you get maximum visibility. Street walls, train carriages, bus stops and even the sidewalk itself can make good bets.

Many graffiti artists work in the middle of the night with a bicycle or scooter on hand to make a fast getaway. You don’t want to have to rush your work though. An alternative is to dress up like an official artist or worker and create your art in the middle of the day in full brazen view. If you look like you have nothing to hide, no one will question you.

Of course, graffiti is considered illegal in many countries and Road Junky would never endorse any such activity so no law suits please…

What If You Can’t Draw?

You don’t have to be an ace with a spray can as Banksy showed in his infamous Paris Hilton stunt. Using photoshop and a music editing program he was able to pull off a hilarious act of art terrorism. Check out the video:

The Guerilla Poet

Alternatively there are many opportunities for the traveling poet to leave one liners around the world. Help, I’m a rock! scribbled on a boulder could a zen tribute to Frank Zappa.

Or what about the famous graffiti beneath the warning:

BILL POSTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED where someone wrote But Bill Posters is innocent!

You can, of course, leave full poems around the world that put to shame the usual inane bathroom scribblings. We get the feeling that less is more, however and who knows, you might dedicate yourself to spreading the words of Blake, Lao Tzu or Rumi around the world. God knows it needs it.

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