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The Road Junky Handbook is everything that the Lonely Planet won’t tell you. Guaranteed to be worth it’s weight on the road – at the very least you’ll be able to sell it to anyone who doesn’t want to ever go home.

You really can’t go wrong on buying our book.

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Road Junky brings its readers writing in the spirit of independent travel. The travel handbook tells you how to stay on the road until the money runs out and then some.

Does your guidebook tell you how to travel the world with no money, fool immigration officials or bluff your way through an English teaching class with no qualifications?

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Will your guidebook let you know the craziest places in the world to travel, how to make a living on the road and the best places to get stoned once you’ve saved up enough?

Of course not.

Get your copy of the Road Junky Handbook and start kicking ass on the travel circuit. You’ll be the coolest backpacker in the hostel, honest.

Readers have said:

Everything the Lonely Planet won’t tell you.

The most original guidebook in existence.

Outspoken, funny and packed with attitude. Makes you want to sleep with the authors. Until you see their photos.

Inside the Road Junky Handbook, you’ll learn:


  • – How to hitchhike anywhere




  • – 101 ideas to work around the world




  • – The best parties to be found across the planet




  • – How to avoid the world’s most clever travel scams




  • – Enough guides, stories, and tips to make you quit your day job and get on the road for as long as you can handle it



The book includes travel tips, insights and info from decades of hard traveling. It is uncensored, irreverent and edgier than another other guide out there, and comes with enough material to keep you occupied during a year’s worth of waiting for buses.