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Cook Meals Anywhere With This Little Stove That Uses Twigs!

One of the really boring things about travelling is if you end up eating a hell of a lot of sandwiches. Maybe you can afford a slice of pizza or street food when you’re in cheaper countries but the rest of the time you really miss out on a hot meal if you’re on a budget.

Well, not any more.

You might have thought that stoves were just more hassle than they were worth and you didn’t want to keep buying new cylinders of gas and you would have been right. One session of cooking up soup and your gas bottle might already have been empty. So instead check out the wild woodgas stove  – a little stove that weights less than half a kilo and uses little bits of wood as fuel!

It double-burns the wood, burning the smoke that the wood gives off and so gives a roaring heat very quickly. With as many twigs as you can gather in one hand you can boil water for tea or coffee, and 5 minutes of hunting around for dead branches is usually enough for you to cook up your lentils, pasta or rice.

You do have to keep feeding the fire so it’s better to cook by daylight when you can see what you’re doing and it’s a good idea to cut up all your ingredients beforehand but here you have a way to cook even in the local park. It doesn’t burn the ground and so is a safe way to cook even in dry areas and doesn’t give off much smoke as most of it is burnt up.

The whole things fits nicely inside the kind of cheap little stainless steel pots you can buy and it takes ten minutes to get water boiling from start to finish. If you’re willing to carry a little olive oil, a bag of lentils, a few spices and a lemon, you can be making yourself an Indian feast each night while the other travellers are eating yet another cheese sandwich.

It costs £50 from but you’ll save that money many times over by cooking for yourself and feel a lot better for it.

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