2008 Contest Winners

2007 Gonzo Travel Contest Winners

Road Junky is proud to announce the winners of the 2007 Gonzo Travel Writing Contest: Traveling through Fear. Hunter Thompson would be proud.

1st Place – Greg Rodgers

Hey Mister – Wanna Ride a Camel? I am an addicted, idiot backpacker. My head would pop off it I turned down any new opportunity to do something cultural with a local.

First prize – $100 plus a copy of the Roadjunky Survival Handbook

Greg Rodgers article wins our first annual travel writing contest. Facing the fears of the targeted traveler in Egypt, Rodgers humorously reminds us that we’re in these situations by our accord.

2nd Place – Guilherme Rocha

Bum Tourism in Bratislava Guilherme Rocha takes the reader into the world of bum tourism. Drinking with hobos is always scary.

Second prize – $50 plus a copy of Hand to Mouth to India

3rd Place – Joss Berrett

Honk or You’re Dead An artful depiction of the motorbiking madness in Hanoi. Road transportation is such a game of chance in the developing world.

Third prize – $30 plus Hand to Mouth to India

Honorable Mentions

My African Nemesis, by Erin Spradlin
A Narrow Escape in the Belizean Jungle by Jeff Frank
The Tunnel Witches of Guanajuato by Michael McLaughlin

About the contest:

Theme of 2007 – Travelling Through Fear

We live in an age where we learn to fear before we learn to read. Al Qaeda attacks, environmental catastrophes or embarrassing body odour could occur at any moment, so the hypnosis box warns us.

Well, fuck that. We asked to hear about individuals who defeat the prejudices, disarm the risks and walk out into the unknown anyway. Much like the Tarot card of the Fool who steps merrily off the cliff.