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Video Clips of Brazil's Favelas and Ghettos

Brazil Video Clips showing the underbelly of Brazilian society – guns, drugs and social injustice.

Beyond the hotels, beaches and the carnival party packages that draw thousands of tourists to Brazil every year, there lies the reality of everyday Brazil that the brochures never show. But road junkies love the nitty gritty, right?

Check out these videos about the favelas and underbelly of Brazilian society…

Favelas of Sao Paolo

Sao Paolo is a monster metropolis of 25 million where people either live to make money or because they don’t have enough to leave.

Recife – Venice of Brazil?

Recife is one of the most violent cities in Brazil and not the kind of place you want to walk around at night without knowing where you’re going. Great musical scene though.

Better to live in a favela?

The Brazilian TV series City of Men explores the idea that it’s safer to live in a favela than in the gated communities of the rich.