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The Full Monte – Alternative Political Video

The Full Monte feature videos showing the people behind the news in trouble spots around the world.

The Full Monte Productions is the project of John Monte and Aaron Rockett, two mainstream film makers gone astray and committed to bringing real news to the public.

Disillusioned with the self-censoring traditional news media, The Full Monte takes viewers behind the scenes in places like Afghanistan, Cuba, bringing out the human faces behind the headlines.

Occasionally a little too earnest to be true, the videos feature beautiful images all the same.

Vacationing in Afghanistan

Afghanistan reminds most people only of the fanatical Taliban, war and opium production. It’s also one of the most beautiful countries in the world with the most hospitable people to be found anywhere.

The Other Side of Cuba

Whilst Cuba may have achieved one of the best literacy in the world, free education and excellent medical care, the price for keeping out the corporations has been the usual excesses of state power, imprisoning dissidents and limiting free speech.

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