The Road Junky Travel Handbook

The Road Junky Travel Handbook – the guidebook for the traveler who knows where it’s at.

Does your guidebook tell you how to travel the world with no money, fool immigration officials or bluff your way through an English teaching class with no qualifications?

Or will your guidebook let you know the craziest places in the world to travel, how to make a living on the road and the best places to get stoned once you’ve saved up enough?

In an age of consumer travel where people think experience is something they can buy, Road Junky shows you how to get on the road and stay there. With travel tips, insights and info from decades of hard traveling, the Road Junky Handbook is uncensored, irreverent and cooler than any other guide out there.

We reveal:

– The truth behind the malaria medicine scam. – How to hitchhike anywhere – 101 ideas to work around the world – The best parties to be found across the planet – All the best travel scams

+ Enough guides, stories and tips to make you quit your day job and get on the road for as long as you can handle it.