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Road Junky TV – World Culture on Video

Road Junky TV shows you the world as you’ve never seen it before – at least, not on Fox or CNN.

We live in a world dominated by the media. Our knowledge of current events, our fashions, even our tastes and desires are shaped by the films we watch, the music we hear and the barrage of commercials that accompany them.

But this media is changing fast. Whereas in the past the only way for art and information to flourish was through the narrow, established channels of television, radio and the press (all in the hands of a business interests with vested interests), now we have the internet – and it has set us free.

An internet site is effectively a media channel. The distinction between a television screen and a computer monitor is rapidly vanishing and with it, the control of the media that we watch. Armed with no more than a computer, a camera and an internet domain, anyone can now potentially broadcast uncensored video to a worldwide audience.

With a new form of media come new rules, however. The online audience is notoriously fickle and attention spans are still low. Thus producers of video must now adapt their documentaries and films to the five minute format if they want to get their message across.

On the other hand the online audience is less demanding of technical standards and no longer is it necessary to have a 7 person production team to film a single project.

Yet quality still counts. As the web experiences a deluge of home made video with the YouTube generation, the result is that engaging, well-scripted and shot video stands out. As other video sites drown in mediocrity, there are countless emerging niches for professional short films.

The internet allows us to take the media – and the very interpretation of our lives – into our own hands. Road Junky TV is committed to providing a channel for independent film and documentary makers to reach a public disaffected with the current media on offer.

We show the world as you’ve never seen it before, opening windows into cultures and people’s lives across the planet, showing the good, the bad and the plain weird.

Are you a video producer or film maker?