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Sell Video Documentary Dowloads and DVD’s Via Road Junky TV

Make money selling video downloads and DVD’s of your documentary with Road Junky TV.

Now that you’ve made your documentary, the last thing you want to do is lose the rights to it. You also don’t want it to just sit on your hard drive where it impresses only friends, family and the occasional hot date.

To work with Road Junky it goes like this:

You make a 5 minute condensed trailer of your documentary which we post on the site and reaches an audience of 60,000+ each month.

You keep all of your rights and can withdraw the video at any time.

Road Junky is in continued negotiations with television companies and content providers across the world and if the opportunity arises to pitch your project, we will.

Road Junky is developing its own network of international producers to pitch series of cultural series to television networks – win our trust and you could be part of that.

In the event that exposure on Road Junky sparks commercial interest in your work we are available to negotiate contracts on your behalf and give general advice.

Additionally, if you don’t want to wait for the perfect deal but are interested in a steady, long-term revenue stream, you can sell downloads of your documentary via Road Junky – the viewer watches your 5 minute rendition and if they want to see more they pull out their credit card.

And as a final alternative, if you just want some quick cash, Road Junky will buy outright 4-5 minute clips that we like for $100.