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Canned Hunting – Shooting Lions in South Africa

lion hutning in africa

Hunting in the old days.

Hunting lions was the kind of thing I used to read about in old colonial tales of the British in Africa or in the prose of Hemingway which was deemed rugged and masculine in proportion to the number of animals he killed.

“The lion is a fine animal,” Hemingway remarked for the New York Time after returning from Africa, “He is not afraid or stupid. He does not want to fight, but sometimes man makes him, and then it is up to the man to shoot his way out of what he has got himself into.”

But what about when lions are farmed for hunters to shoot?

In South Africa a thriving business has sprung up where lion kindergartens house cubs taken from their mothers and tourists pay a few bucks to come and pet them. At Road Junky we don’t really understand the human obsession for all things Cat but we wonder if the tourists would feel quite as happy with their visit if they knew the animals were being bred to be shot down by hunters standing on the back of a pick up truck?

It’s nothing new that humans treat animals miserably – take one glance at the hundreds of millions of chickens living in a cage to produce nuggets with ketchup – it’s more the pathetic thrill-seeking of the men who want to safely go and kill something big that stands out. Hunting has always provided a thrill, even after it passed from a way of surviving to a mere sport, but so these hunters of canned lions really hang the skin on the walls of their homes and boast of how they almost lost their balance when the pick-up truck hit reverse?

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