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Letters: America Car Culture is Cool

Yep, there are still some people out there who think car culture is cool.

At Road Junky, part of the fun are the bizarre complaints we get from all the nuts out there. The letter below came in response to our tongue in cheek 10 worst cities guide – amazing how difficult people find it to laugh at themselves.

Thanks to Kevin Kelly for this one:

Alright I get it! You hate America, you hate American tourists, and you are very funny! Good luck with that.

I read your Worst Cities list and it was one jab at Americans after another. Not only that but every comment on each city on that list was derived from the most well known generalizations.

Case in point….American Suburbs….yes they are dull. But that whole thing read like an indictment of everything America stands for (malls, cars, isolation, etc). So is it the act of actually getting in a car that makes it the worse or do you have some issues you needed to hash out and found a way to wedge it into your article?

You should realize that most of the American cities you were trashing are younger than the automobile. Why rip them for being designed for the mode of travel of the day?

So why rip them? Maybe something to do with the death of community, road accidents and oh, global warming…

Actually, the best comments we had on the 10 worst cities list was that we had missed out all the African hellholes.