On the Road

10 Murphy’s Laws of Travel

On the road, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…

Variously called Murphy’s Law, Sod’s Law or just a typical day on the road, the basis premise familiar to anyone who ever hit the road is this:

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

So here’s ten of the most common things that can go wrong on your travels.

And remember, Buddha said that life was suffering but that was only because he was always on the road.

1. When arriving in a big city for the first time, you’ll check into a hotel and merrily walk out to explore – before realizing you don’t know where you’re staying and spend the rest of the day in a lost panic.

2. The bus station where you get off at midnight will invariably be in the most dangerous part of town and there won’t be a taxi in sight.

3. You will fall desperately, hopelessly in love with a Swedish backpacker the day before you’re due to fly home.

4. When attempting to speak your first words in a foreign language you will invariably end up saying something unforgivably obscene to the kind old woman you’re chatting to.

5. Any attempt to blend into a foreign city will be completely jeopardized by the day-glo colours of your rucksack, announcing that you’re a tourist to every hustler, pickpocket and mugger within a square kilometer.

6. Any time that you bargain like a demon for something in the market, you’ll find the same item for sale at half the price just around the corner.

7. Outbreaks of diarrhea will invariably happen just before you’re about to get on a 22 hour bus journey.

8. Anything you ever need will be found right at the bottom of your rucksack and any oils, runny food or shampoo you’re carrying will spill over all your possessions in the process.

9. Your native currency will double in strength the day after you cash a big pile of traveler’s checks.

10. Most of the above will happen in India.