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What is Road Junky?

Road Junky is not your average travel guide. Instead of hyping destinations to sell 2 kilo guidebooks, we offer subjective, gonzo journalism to lay open the heart, soul and guts of a place.

Road junkies are people for whom travel has become a way of life, not a consumer lifestyle accessory. We don’t ‘do’ places, we let them change us. We let you know how to stay alive on the road, how to make money, how to understand the culture, give you the low down on destinations and pile on the travel tips that our writers have earned through heart breaking years on the road.

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Road Junky is by no means the authority on the world. We just offer some tongue in cheek perspectives to help you see another side to life on this planet, the kind of oblique realities that would never make it on CNN.

We go the extra step and tell you things other guides don’t and won’t dare to discuss. We’re for the inspired, independent traveler. The person who can just get up and go. The person who is moved by what she sees. The dreamers.